Saturday, November 26, 2011


I think transforming spaces are the key issue to meet the needs of today's living spaces
increasingly small and increasingly expensive.
In the contemporary architecture's language, the transforming property is the capacity of a space to 
change its connotation
This implies both physical elements, so the size or volumevertical and horizontal margins;
both ideal elements such as functional areasflows and paths.
Also relations between the parties play a main role in the conformation of the space, that is the relationship between the margins, positioning and value of septa dividing towards the outer limitsthe links in between the different levels.

The transforming property of a space can affect not only its inner area, but also what is containing it, that is the 
architectural structure in its entirety.
 So it could involve, besides the features already mentioned, also the geometrical composition, positioning and the 
relationship with the place.
Among the requirements of a trasforming space , for sure there are mobility and dynamism of the elements that define it, 
the versatility of the materials, the technology of building systemsor even computer technology.

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